Additional Machines Performance Checking

One of the most important principles of preventive maintenance is to understand the nature of the equipment. The manufacturers’ manuals are excellent resources for learning about the components of a machine, the recommended service intervals, and acceptable operating conditions. Using machine performance data is crucial to understanding machine downtime and improving utilization. Using a machine performance monitoring system, like MachineMetrics, can help you identify potential problems and make recommendations for preventive maintenance.

Machine monitoring systems collect and display data from all machines in a factory to provide insight into their condition. The results of these metrics can help plant operators collaborate more effectively. Additionally, they automate routine tasks like noise identification and downtime detection. This frees up the human workforce for more complex tasks. Additionally, real-time notifications provide manufacturers with the information they need to solve problems fast. This information can also help employees take situation-based actions in response to a potential problem.

MachineMetrics is an OEE solution that automates the reporting of OEE. The system uses metrics such as machine availability, optimal cycle times, and quality to provide a comprehensive report. With a comprehensive dashboard and individual job/part reports, MachineMetrics makes it easy to see how machining operations are performing and why they’re not meeting desired targets. Additionally, it helps managers measure the impact of process improvements and determine if they are working as intended.

Additionally, mobile OEE APPs are an excellent tool for production management. This application helps managers monitor productivity and resources using PLC and OPC technology. When a machine is down or not functioning correctly, notifications are sent to the user’s mobile device, providing pertinent data needed for an answer to a technical question. Users can also know the status of their machines by their color, description, or operator. Once a machine is down, the status can be determined in real-time.

Another part of performance checking a machine’s undercarriage is the inspection of the rims. Look for rust or other damage on the rims. In addition, inspect the metal tracks shoes and links. Then, inspect the rubber tracks for tackiness and tension. The drive shaft should also be checked for rust and damage. Inspect the axles, if necessary. You should also inspect the torsion axles to see if they’re in proper condition.

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