Advice From Experienced Mechanics

In the world of automotive repair, advice from experienced mechanics is priceless. They know how to keep a customer satisfied. In order to earn their trust, mechanics should learn basic customer service skills. Customers are not only looking at the price, but also the level of professionalism the mechanic displays. Following these tips will help mechanics maintain a good customer relationship. They can also increase their sales by offering more than just the usual service.

Change the oil and filter regularly. Skipping these maintenance tasks can also void your car’s warranty. The best advice from experienced mechanics is to change your oil and filter every 5,000 miles, or whichever is recommended by the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Dealerships will change the oil and filter at 10k miles or more. Regardless of your mileage, it is important to get your car’s oil changed regularly to maintain its warranty.

Obtain formal education. While you do not need formal education to become a mechanic, completing a technical or vocational program may lead to better job prospects. These programs typically last one or two years. However, many mechanics opt to earn an associate’s degree in automotive, which takes about four years. Although a high school diploma is not required, many hiring managers will favor candidates who have completed a technical or vocational program in the field. Further, coursework in mathematics, computers, and technology can also prove useful.

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