Fuel efficiency has always been a top priority when purchasing a new car, but in today’s market, the looks and speed of the car are not the only criteria that buyers consider. Indian consumers are continually on the lookout for the best fuel-efficient cars. Thankfully, the manufacturers are making every effort to add the best fuel-efficient cars to their lineup. Here are some examples of vehicles that have the best mileage. They have the following attributes:

Fuel prices are prone to change with world events, so it’s important to consider gas mileage when shopping for a new car. Autotrader recently published a list of the best gas-efficient cars in 2022, based on their estimated EPA fuel mileage, MSRP and other standout features. You may be surprised to learn that your car is not the best fuel-efficient one on the list! But there are many great fuel-efficient cars to choose from, so why not start with one of the best-selling models?

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