Innovative Car Accessories for a Smoother Commute

Car seat organizers help keep the back of your vehicle clean and organized while eliminating the need to reach back while driving, keeping everyone safer! This two-pack from UCart includes pockets to store water bottles, toys and snacks safely!

Dash cams are essential car accessories for anyone who spends extended amounts of time driving their vehicle. This model in particular is especially convenient; its mountability makes it simple and it records HD footage!

1. Car Cache Purse Holder

Instead of throwing your purse onto the front seat and watching it bounce around in front of the driver’s path, this patented holder features an elastic hammock style design to securely store larger bags as well as receipts, sunglasses or any other necessary items.

Customers have given it five star reviews and raved that it is an effective solution for keeping purses out of the way of passengers while protecting against them falling off of center consoles and backboards. Installation takes seconds and it is machine-washable.

2. Electric Car Blanket

Make the road trip warmer during a cold-weather road trip with this heated blanket! It plugs directly into the cigarette lighter and features adjustable heat settings; its 96-inch cord extends so it reaches back seat passengers as well.

This machine washable portable blanket makes life simpler when traveling long distances and camping or tailgating, plus makes a thoughtful gift. Plus, this 12-volt fleece travel throw folds easily for storage purposes!

3. Headrest Hook

Car headrest hooks can provide great long-term value. They help prevent purses, shopping bags, garbage or plastic bags and children’s toys from rolling off of your back seat into a heap on the floor of your backseat.

They help save seat space and increase passenger comfort on long road trips, plus are easy to install or disengage.

5. Smart Rearview Mirror

Digital rearview mirrors give drivers an easy way to keep an eye on what is behind them through an LCD monitor integrated into their vehicle’s mirror, helping alleviate blind spots created by passengers, cargo or weather conditions.

For instance, the RYDEEN 360 VIEW-K mirror boasts features like a touchscreen 10-inch HD monitor and digital AHD backup camera, meeting federal mirror regulations while being easy to install.

6. Car Mount

Car mounts make your phone easily accessible so you can focus on driving safely. This durable mount includes a vent mounting clip and mounting adapter to accommodate various car layouts.

VICSEED’s almighty cell phone holder car mount is an essential addition to ensure a safe and comfortable commute. You’re guaranteed 300% stability! Get one now.

7. Drop Stop

As seen on Shark Tank, the Drop Stop prevents food, pens, French Fries, coins and phones from falling between your car or truck seat and center console. Created by Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon, these black neoprene car seat gap fillers are easy to install and virtually invisible once installed.

Take note, commuters: must-have car accessories are now on sale!

8. Portable Seat Cushion

Car rides can be difficult on your back and tailbone. With this seat cushion, however, the experience will become more relaxing.

The Purple Ultimate cushion distributes weight evenly, relieving pressure off of the coccyx bone (tail bone). Plus, its cooling technology keeps you comfortable on your commute!

It has earned over 65.4k five-star reviews from satisfied shoppers and can also be used with cycling, yoga and office chairs.

9. Car Vacuum

Instead of opting for an ordinary handheld vacuum, consider purchasing one specifically tailored for your car like this Dewalt offering with multiple attachments (an extension tube, floor nozzle, flexible hose, crevice nozzle and brush) designed for tight spaces. It makes maneuvering simple.

For hard-to-reach areas, look for models equipped with long crevice tools that can reach into tight spots like cup holder corners. Also ensure it comes equipped with a blower feature to remove wet spills quickly.

10. Car Cup Holder

Cup holders provide an essential service in keeping beverages steady on bumpy rides, keeping beverages secure without shaking loose and falling overboard. As such, they make for an indispensable car accessory both drivers and passengers can rely on.

This plastic and cowhide car cup holder fits securely in most vehicle cup holders. With its 3-inch upper lip to prevent bottles from tipping over, making this more stable than similar products.

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