Road Trip Essentials – Packing Tips and Destination Ideas

Road trip veterans or newcomers, these tips will ensure a relaxing and organized journey on your next road trip. From essential items to fun gadgets that can make the drive more pleasant, these essential and extra tips will make the adventure an enjoyable one!

Reusable coffee cups are an effective way to reduce waste on the road while simultaneously being useful storage solutions for snacks!

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes can help keep your car and suitcase from becoming disorganized during trips. Allocate one for every family member and store their bottoms, tops, pajamas and toiletries separately – so that when it comes time to grab an outfit each morning or night on your journey they are easily available when needed.

Power inverters are essential road trip essentials for charging devices and staying connected during your journey. You can purchase these at most auto parts stores.

Tide-To-Go Pens

Stain remover pens make an invaluable addition to your road trip packing list, working wonders on food or beverage stains. The customizable Tide-to-Go Custom Stain Eraser Pen also makes an effective promotional item for travel-related businesses or events. Liquid detergent packets come in handy if you need to handwash clothes during stopsovers.

Liquid Detergent Packets

As it may not always be easy to access a washing machine while traveling, pack some travel-sized packs of laundry detergent sheets from FINZY in your suitcase for easy laundry care on the road.

Organise an over-the-counter (OTC) medical kit including painkillers to soothe any aches or pains, allergy medicine such as Benadryl or Allegra and some anti-motion sickness pills like Pepto Bismol. A tire pressure gauge will also come in handy on your road trip!

Camera or GoPro

An essential road trip accessory, cameras or GoPros are great tools for capturing memories and landscapes as you journey across the country. Make sure you select a durable model to withstand all sorts of environments during your adventure.

Prepare an emergency medical kit, including over-the-counter painkillers and allergy medicine as well as car sickness tablets to cover any unexpected emergencies that arise during travel.

An internet hotspot such as Solis is one of the best road trip necessities. Purchase plans by month, year or gigabyte to provide maximum flexibility and reliability on any adventure.

Spare Tire

An extra full-size spare tire should also be carried on any road trip. Not only could it save your trip if your tire should ever puncture, but it could also provide essential relief in an emergency situation or assist fellow drivers in need.

Microfiber towels come in handy on the road for many different tasks, from wiping away spills to polishing glasses – and they even help people take power naps on the go!

Mechanics Gloves

Mechanics gloves can help reduce driver fatigue during road trips by offering extra hand protection and insulation against cold conditions. In cold climates, mechanics gloves provide another layer of insulation against frostbite.

A coin pouch filled with quarters is an invaluable part of road trip gear, as you can use them in vending machines and when paying tolls.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure gauges are an indispensable piece of gear for road trippers who want to ensure they can monitor the condition of their tires as they travel, helping prevent over-filling tires and saving money on gas costs.

A pair of mechanics gloves is another essential item for car maintenance on the go, along with portable batteries, jumper cables and reusable gas tanks – so be sure to bring these on road trips as well!

Ice Scraper

Be it driving across the US or entering another country, being prepared with road trip essentials can save the day. Be ready for anything by adding jumper cables, tire pressure gauges and more to your list of essential road trip supplies.

Play flashlight tag with your travel companions to break up the monotony of driving, and bring a reusable cup to reduce drive-thru visits and keep drinks warm or cold longer.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

An essential for any road trip is packing travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste as well as travel sized mouthwash, keeping your breath fresh on the journey.

An essential for any road trip, wrinkle release spray is an invaluable asset when packing clothing that will remain folded for several days in the car. Tide stain pens can also come in handy for spot treating those pesky food stains on the go.

Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are often overlooked travel essentials, especially if traveling with children. Lint rollers help keep clothes neat and tangle-free!

Pack extra tissues, candy and quarters just in case the only bathroom in use is out of service or you need to top off your car’s gas tank. A reusable grocery bag would also make an excellent addition.

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